UNESCO Chair: A Memorandum of Understanding with the Organization of Expatriates Affairs

The UNESCO Chair for Women in Science and Technology and the Organization of Expatriates Affairs, represented by the Knowledge Transfer Program, signed a joint memorandum of understanding in order to achieve fruitful cooperation between the two parties and exchange of expertise.

This memorandum comes as a prelude to partnership and cooperation between the Knowledge Transfer Program and the UNESCO Chair in SUST to develop a strategy to benefit from the experiences and competencies of Sudanese immigrants, especially women and for coordination and organization of relations between the Sudanese who are working abroad and the beneficiaries at home and the formation of the mechanisms of the knowledge transfer system in gender issues, and cooperation in the academic, scientific research fields and publications.

Dr. Abdulrahman Sayed Ahmed, Acting Secretary-General of Organization of Expatriates Affairs, affirmed his readiness and full cooperation with the organization, appreciating the role of Sudanese immigrants in and praising the smart and fruitful partnership with educational institutions and voluntary organizations in various fields.

Prof. Amal Mohamed Ibrahim, chairholder of the UNESCO Chair for Women in Science And technology, provided a comprehensive enlightenment on the activities of the UNESCO Chair, indicating that the aim of the memorandum was to highlight the role of Sudanese researchers in various fields, and indicated that it includes two prominent files. The first file is the Sudanese Women Researchers Program, and the second file is restructuring UNESCO clubs and linking diaspora students with Sudanese students through different clubs.

Prof. Allam El-Nour, President of the World Organization for Sustainable Development, indicated that the memorandum of understanding signed between the Knowledge Transfer Program and the UNESCO Chair is one of the outcomes of Sudan SMARTDEV Conference 2019, that was held recently in Khartoum, announcing the launch of the Education Support Fund initiative in Sudan.