A ToT Course for Females on Water Exercises for Individuals with Disabilities

The closing ceremony was held, in the main campus, for the training course for female trainees on "water exercises for disabled individuals" using the medical belt for people with disabilities. The course was organized by UNESCO-ISESCO Chair for Women in Science and Technology in cooperation with the College of Physical Education and Sports from 30/9 to 16/10/2021. The ceremony was attended by Prof. Amal Mohamed Ibrahim Babiker, UNESCO chairholder, Dr. Tayseer Mohamed El-Amin, representative of the Deanship of Scientific Research.

Prof. Amal Mohamed Ibrahim Babiker expressed her happiness with the training course due to its importance, privacy and targeting of an important segment of society. "We must provide large numbers of experiences in the field of physical therapy and hydrotherapy in the middle of the belt, which positively affects the health of people with disabilities", she added.

She also revealed that the training utilized the swimming pool at the college of Physical Education and Sports, and that through the training course, 29 female employees of the university were targeted over a period of three weeks, noting that this work should be enhanced further by introducing many partnerships with relevant institutions.

Prof. Amal Babiker also noted the need to deal with the means and centers of scientific research to convey ideas and visions and exchange knowledge about the process of modernization and development.

Prof. Amal Babiker also indicated that training opportunities provide work spaces for earning a living and a decent livelihood. She also promised that the upcoming courses will be advanced in the same field and will accommodate young candidates of both sexes for the benefit of all. At the end of the celebration, certificates were distributed to the trainees, amid the interaction and happiness of all attendees.