About: Strategic View

Mission, Vision & Objectives

The Chair provides an appropriate environment for transferring knowledge, conducting scientific research, projects, training, and transferring and exchanging regional and global experiences


Empowering women in the field of research, application and training of science and technology to achieve sustainable development


Empowering women with research, training and application skills for sustainable development in the field of science and technology at the local and regional levels


Detailed Objectives

1. Enhancing the professional capabilities of women in the fields of science and technology by creating graduate studies and university qualification programs

2. Supporting the efforts of international organizations and decision-makers with research that contributes to the use of science to preserve women's health and well-being

3. Preparing training courses that serve the empowerment of women in science and technology based on Resolution 1325 and in accordance with the two constitutional documents and the Juba Agreement.

4. Enhancing community service through projects and research and utilizing science and technology for the goals of sustainable development and building peace and positive equality for women.

5. Active participation in national and regional cultural and social issues.

6. Utilizing science and technology in building women's capabilities and improving their economic status

7. Strengthening fellowships, partnerships and twinning agreements with other university chairs at the local, regional and global levels.