About: Administrative Structure

Administrative Structure

The chair management consists of:

1. The Chair's Board of Directors.

2. Chair Councils (the Scientific Council and the Chair Council).

3. Administrative Sections

4. Administrative and secretarial supervision and the library

Board of Directors

It is the council assigned by the vice chancellor of the university to follow up the processes and activities of the chair, approving plans and reports presented by the chairholder.

Executive Structure

A group of experts and employees assigned by the university to implement the Chair's tasks.

Chair's Board of Directors

The Chair's Board of Directors consists of 13 members headed by the vice chancellor of the university. Seven members are from Sudan University of Science and Technology in addition to the rapporteur and six other members representing higher education, UNESCO and university professors from related universities.

Current Members of the Board of Directors

1 Prof. Awad Saad Hassan Mohammed University Vice Chancellor Board Chairman
2 Prof. Amal Mohamed Ibrahim Babiker UNESCO Chairholder Deputy Chairman
3 Prof. Mahdi Abbas Saad Shkak Deputy Vice Chancellor Member
4 Prof. Amel Omer Bakhiet Elawad Dean, Deanship of Scientific Research Member
5 Prof. Caroline Edward Ayad khilla Secretary of Academic Affairs Member
6 Prof. Saifeldin Mohamed Elamin Taha Dean, College of Graduate Studies Member
7 Dr. Elfatih Ahmed Hassan University Principal Member
8 Prof. Allam Alnour Osman Ahmed Founding President of World Association for Sustainable Development Member
9 Prof. Abdelazim Suliman Ibrahim Almahal International University of Africa Member
10 Dr. Nooraldeen Abdalgader Manager of Khartoum Office Member
11 Ms Wafaa Sid Ahmed Mohamed Secretary General c/o Sudanese National Commission for UNESCO Member
12 Ministry of Higher Education Scientific Research and Innovation Member
13 Dr. GamarAldawlah Hussein Ali Executive Manager of the vice chancellor Office Rapporteur
Scientific Council
The scientific council has the following responsibilities.

1. Drawing up the policy of scientific research in the field of women in the Chair.

2. Approving supported scientific research projects and determining the value of financial and logistical support for them.

3. Establishing an annual plan for scientific research in the Chair.

4. Receiving and reviewing research papers and transferring them to evaluation bodies.

5. Authorizing research, literature and translation after evaluating them and recommending support for their publication or approval.

6. Support and stimulate research partnerships in the field of women with the relevant authorities locally, regionally and internationally.

7. Organizing the link with external research centers.

Current Members of the Scientific Council

1 Prof. Amal Mohamed Ibrahim Babiker UNESCO Chairholder Chairman
2 Prof. Amel Omer Bakhiet Elawad Dean, Deanship of Scientific Research Member
3 Balghis Badri Ahfad University for Women Member
4 Dr. Amna Hassan Siralkatim Elsafi College of Education Member
5 Dr. Kouther Elhaj Mohamed Mohamedain College of Science Member
6 Ministry of Higher Education Community Colleges Member
7 Ms. Sulaima Ishaq Mohamed Al-Khalifa General Director of the Unit for Combating Violence against Women and Children Member
8 Dr. Elham Mohammed Mohammed Khair Dean, College of Petroleum Engineering &Technology Member
9 Dr. Wafaa Faisal Mukhtar Awad Elkarim Dean, College of Computer Science and Information Technology Rapporteur