Malik Agar Reviews the UNESCO-ISESCO Chair Projects for Women in the Blue Nile Region

A member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Mr. Malik Agar, was briefed on the development projects and programs that will be implemented by the UNESCO-ISESCO Chair for Women in Science and Technology at Sudan University of Science and Technology in Blue Nile State, and the possibility of harnessing them to serve rural women in the region.

The meeting with Prof. Amal Mohamed Ibrahim, the UNESCO Chairholder, took place in Mr. Agar's office, in the presedential palace. Mr. Agar promised to follow up on projects and overcome all obstacles facing their implementation, praising the great role of the UNESCO Chair in support of sustainable development and resettlement in the Blue Nile.

On the other hand, Prof Amal Mohamed Ibrahim explained that the UNESCO-ISESCO Chair for Women has prepared multiple development programs in the field of agricultural industrialization, recycling and the sustainability of seasonal agriculture through the creation of the agricultural environment, in addition to accompanying awareness programs, especially on women's and children's health, that begin with the celebration of Pink October to raise awareness of breast cancer.

"The Chair's programs aim to raise awareness, rebuild and achieve development in a way that enhances efforts to bring peace and stability to the Blue Nile" she commented.