An Awareness Day in the Shegailab Women’s Camps

The UNESCO ISESCO Chair for Women in Science and Technology at the Sudan University of Science and Technology, in cooperation with the Women of Maamora Initiative and the Khartoum Breast Care Centre (KBCC), gave an awareness lecture on breast cancer, its causes and the importance of early self-detection in the shelters from floods in the Shegailab area in Khartoum. The lecture was presented by Dr. Itizaz from KBCC and the aduience included women of different ages.

Also, Prof. Amal M. Ibrahim, chairholder of the UNESCo chair for women in science and technology, gave a lecture on participatory community outreach. Furthermore, Dr. Amna Sir Al-Khatim conducted a field survey of the camp, according to which (mosquito nets, blankets and food supplies) were distributed by the members of Women of Maamora initiative.

Finally, Prof. Amal M. Ibrahim asusred that the Chair will continue its activities to cover other areas of the importance of raising awareness of the dangers of breast cancer, and the need for women to attend such lectures, especially in the peripheral areas.